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          About - Us



          JudExpress is an online marketing platform providing a virtual market for all of our customers, we have collected our products from some of the various merchants in Jordan and presented them to you on one platform.

          JudExpress provides groceries, vegetables, electronics, households, cosmetic; clothes; perfumes; and more, so all that customers need during shopping is available on JudExpress, we are not only giving you the option to choose products that suit your budget and needs but also we provide you with delivery it to your doorsteps.

          All you need on JudExpress is to create your account, set your address, pick your items, and order delivery.

          And if you have a product that you want to present to our audience you can always ask to apply for your store on JudExpress and we shall show it to all of our visitors, so just send us an email to sales@judexpress.com and we shall reply to you the soonest.  


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